Rise & Shine Porcupine

Rivera Bedroom:

7:00 am //  First day of school

Alicia woke up to the sound of her alarm clock. It wasn’t the best way to wake up, but the blaring alarm clock reminded her how much she was going to miss waking up to the fresh smell of Spanish spices and the warm breeze coming in from her window. No she was back to reality, back to life.

Alicia sat up in her bed with her sleeping mask still on. Hoping that maybe if she thought long and hard when she took off her sleeping mask she would be back in Spain. But to no avail she took of her sleeping mask and was still in Westchester, back in her room. She sighed and took her phone to cut off the alarm, which lead to her slumping back in bed once it was off.

Alicia took the phone and checked all her social media to see if anything drastic had happened while she was asleep. Scrolling through Instagram and Twitter she saw nothing. Or at least nothing of interest so she went to Spotify put on her first day of school playlist and got out of bed.

She walked into her bathroom and cleaned her face and took a shower. While she was putting on her makeup her phone began to ring playing some Shakira song Alicia never knew the name of but liked the beat. She walked over to her nightstand where her phone was and picked it up to look at the screen. Alicia saw the pretty blond that she recognized as Claire on her screen. She wasn’t surprised that Claire was calling her, probably to try to fix the problem with Massie before school. Alicia knew this wasn’t something that could be fixed with some simple Claire magic.

She clicked the green button to pick up the video call.

“Hey Claire” Alicia said while braiding her hair into two pigtails while she sat in her bathroom. That was what she did when her hair was damp.

“Hey Girly. You are looking gorgeous this morning.” Claire responded with her happy go lucky smile.  That is what Alicia liked most about Claire she was still Claire even after living in New York of six years.

“Thank you, but it’s nothing new. You are looking Ah- May-Zing as well.” Alicia Said pausing from braiding to re-brush her hair.

“Thanks. But I called because…” Claire paused nervous to finish so Alicia finished for her.

“Massie.” Alicia responded

“Yeah. She was talking about the conversation you guys had yesterday and I really don’t want to start the first day off on a bad foot so I was thinking you could come by Massie’s before school.” Claire said with a hopeful gleam in her eye’s.

Alicia wanted to say no but she just couldn’t because as much as she didn’t want to admit it Alicia didn’t want to start the first day of school off on the wrong foot as well. And the drama would Massie wasn’t something that would make the first day of school great. So she gave in and said “Okay I will.”

Claire gave a beaming smile and said “Great I am coming early to so it will just be me, you, and Massie.”

Alicia smiled but inside she felt that this wasn’t something she was prepared to do. “See you there.” Alicia said and then clicked the end video button.

Alicia got dressed in the perfect first day of school outfit. A denim shirt that she got from Spain  with her heels and a Scarf she tied around her neck.


She skipped breakfast and just grabbed an apple. She couldn’t face Massie on an empty stomach.

Alicia walked out the door and saw her limousine waiting for her. The Driver opened the door for her and said “Morning Ma’m.”

“Good Morning.” Alicia said to her Driver. “Can we stop by Massie’s house please.” Alicia said once the Driver got in the car.

“Yes Ma’m.” The Driver put the key in the ignition and pulled off of the Rivera estate.

After a while Alicia pulled up into Massie’s driveway. Alicia took a deep breath and texted Claire

Alicia: Hey i’m outside. R u hr?

Alicia waited for Claire to respond then she heard the ding of her phone and checked the message.

Claire: Yeah i’m cming outside nw.

Alicia didn’t bother to respond because once she looked up towards Massie’s massive brown oak doors Claire was walking towards Alicia’s car.

Claire opened Alicia’s door and said “Hey.”

Alicia responded with a simple “Hi.” her head was buzzing with so many thoughts to say anything else.

Claire said “Alright come on.”

Alicia wondered how Claire could be so hopeful and better yet how she convinced Massie to meet her. Well it was to late to have those thoughts because she was already here.

Alicia stepped out the car whipped her hair over her shoulder and walked towards Massie’s house with Claire.

Here we go.


Coming Home

The Rivera Home:  8:3o pm

When Alicia got home after what seemed to be forever she stepped through the massive double doors of her home sweet home. Took a deep breath of the crisp air that smelled like cinnamon with a hint of vanilla.

Alicia smiled glad she reminisced on how that smell made her more comfortable because it was the smell of home something she needed especially now with the Massie drama. Which was the only thing she could think about on the drive home.

She also came up with some ways to get out of the situation as a whole. Her first idea was that she could just ignore the situation and act like nothing ever happened, but that idea was quickly dismissed at the fact that Massie would never let that happen.

But the bright side was that Kristen picked up the phone when she called so that meant that she wasn’t in complete exile. Or it just meant that Massie wanted to rub the fact that Alicia wasn’t apart of something anymore in her face. Alicia decided that seemed more Massie like than her just doing a kind favor for someone she’s angry with.

Alicia’s next idea after that failed idea was that she could invite all the girls over for a before 1st day of school spa day. But that idea also fell short for the simple fact that Massie wasn’t going to do anything that had to do with school that she had not planned and checked herself.

After much deliberation Alicia decided that she should just face time her on the computer. It was practical and anything said can be denied and forgotten verily easy.

So with a deep breath bracing herself for the worst she pressed the chestnut hair colored girl picture icon  next to the name Massie and when she saw the three dots ping on the screen showing the call was going through. All Alicia could think was about the signal going up in space bouncing of a satellite and going through Massie’s computer. A process that normally was very quick seemed to take years now as Alicia just wanted to get this over with because she wasn’t one to back out of anything, and she wasn’t starting now.

After what seemed like years Massie’s face popped up on a screen. It was then Alicia realized that she was holding her breath the whole time she was waiting. So she let out the air desperate to escape her burning lungs and taking in a much needed breath, to sooth her lungs.

Alicia started “Hey Massie” she could already tell this conversation was going to go completely south and that became very clear when Massie responded ” Can I help you with something.”

Alicia thought of all the things she could say as her brain scanned to find the right words. So she said ” Yes you can actually.” seemed simple enough.

“Nice to know. Not. Just skip the niceties and get to the point. I have things to do.” Massie responded looking at her nails like she couldn’t care less that her BEST FRIEND was on the other end of the conversation.

Alicia tried to keep herself as calm as possible as she thought how stupid this whole mess was and how she wasn’t even at fault. ” Well, I called Kristen and she told me you were upset about something and that I should call you.”

Massie gave a smirk that said she knew this was coming then she responded ” Well then she was mistaken.”

” I don’t think so because you have angry lines under your eyes.” Alicia so cleverly responded.

Massie smirk fell at the thought of angry lines and responded “No I don’t. Look I  hope you had a peaceful and fun summer but to bad because you forgot one thing.”

“And what is that.” Alicia responded

“You don’t live in Spain you live in Westchester. Summer ends and the school  year begins. Oh find someone else to pick you up for school tomorrow. See you at school bestie.” Massie said smirking at the end of her sentence and with that she hung up the video call.

Alicia stared at the black screen. Well if that is how she wanted to be then fine Alicia isn’t about to beg for forgiveness that she wasn’t about to get and plus Alicia Rivera never begs. EVER.

But she isn’t stupid she has known Massie long enough to know that this wan’t going to end until Massie felt that Alicia has suffered enough. Well Massie was right about one thing.

Summer ends and school begins.

Check out a journal entry to see what Alicia really thinks.

Home Warming


Alicia stepped off of the private jet the sun radiating off of her long soft brown curls. Walking down the steps she took a deep breath in, breathing in the Westchester air ” I thought that plane ride would never end.” Alicia said to no one in particular. Alicia had just come home from her trip to Spain and she felt refreshed and ready for what was to come, facing Massie. Considering she didn’t exactly leave on the best terms with her. Alicia walked to her limousine greeted by a new driver “hello Ms. Rivera” said the driver while opening the door. Alicia slid into the limousine, when the door was closed behind her she quickly took out her phone to see if anyone had posted about her return but luckily no one had, or at least nor yet. Alicia pressed the cute blond face picture next to the name Kristen. After a very short while she heard the sound of her best friend Kristen’s voice, bubbly as usual “Hello?”.  Alicia responded “hey Kris, don’t tell me you forgot about me already.” With a sharp gasp Kristen screamed and responded “EH- MAH- GWAD where have you been Ms. I will just leave for the summer and never call or text.” With a slight chuckle ” yeah well, what can I say I had things I needed to do. But that is besides the point. I called to….” But Alicia didn’t get to finish before Kristen said “wait. I will put the other girls on the line.” Alicia’s eyes widen as she said “no! Don’t I will call them myself later.”

“Okay?” Kristen said not sounding very convinced. Alicia continued “Anyways, I am about to be home in a few and I just needed to get an update on the gossip before I step foot in school tomorrow. Kristen replied “oh, well the usual Massie went through a crisis that was easily fixed with shopping and binge watching the hills and Dylan found a new diet….and” Kristen made a hesitant pause “and what.” Alicia replied  “nothing.” Alicia persisted “no tell me, you have to tell me now.” Kristen sighed “well when you left Massie….” Alicia responded “okay Massie what?” Kristen said “Well when you left for the summer she kind of took it more like you left her. Actually worse that you abandoned her and your friendship.” Alicia took in a breath bracing herself for what she knew was coming then it happened Kristen said “Massie replaced you.” Alicia wasn’t surprised Massie did something like this, I mean once Alicia left for spring break and Massie practically kicked Alicia out of New York. Alicia just sighed and said “Thanks for telling me Kris, i’ll talk to you later.” When she hung up the only thing Alicia could think is (A.) This was not the home warming party she expected and (B.) Her senior year was not about to be a easy as she expected.